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Do DEPMAX Inspect Your Investment Property
Yes. DEPMAX inspect all the investment properties they prepare depreciation schedules for. This ensures that we maximise the claimable depreciation on your investment property.
Can I claim depreciation on a renovation I have completed or a previous owner has completed on my investment property
Yes. All renovations are claimable and DEPMAX are able to include actual costs or estimated costs by previous owners for inclusion in your depreciation schedules if they have occurred after a certain date - Let us know when they were completed and we can let you know if they are eligible.
How long are the depreciation schedules valid for?
The depreciation schedules are valid for the effective life of the capital works (Division 43 - "bricks and mortar") of the investment property or determined effective life of the plant and equipment (Division 40 - "fittings and fixtures") within the investment property. DEPMAX depreciation schedules cover the full 40 year effective life of the investment property and will not need to be prepared each financial year unless say some major renovations have been conducted after initial depreciation schedules have been prepared.
Can I get a hard copy of my depreciation schedule
Yes. DEPMAX will post a fully bound colour hard copy of your depreciation schedules to you for a small fee of $11.00 (Including GST) if required.
Do the depreciation schedules in any way relate to the "Market Value" of my investment property?
No. A registered Property Valuer can be contacted to help determine what your property is worth in the open market.
Do the depreciation schedules in any way relate to the "Replacement Value" of my investment property?
No. But if your property is a stand-alone freehold property, DEPMAX have suitably qualified Quantity Surveyors who, for an additional fee can help calculate what the insurance replacement estimate will be of your investment property. See the application form for further details.
Can I claim depreciation if I have failed to claim depreciation previously even though I owned a property I was using as an investment property
Yes. You will need to consult your Accountant in this regard, but DEPMAX have been informed that up to 2 years previously unclaimed depreciation can be claimed by your Accountant.

Our tax depreciation schedules are prepared by professional Quantity Surveyors registered with the Australian Institute Of Quantity Surveyors.

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